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Title 24 Compliance 2020

Title 24 changes (enacted in 2019) become effective January 1, 2020. K2D Consulting Engineers are experts in all new and existing Title 24 commercial and residential requirements – energy calculations, designs, material selection, project management, compliance, and maintenance. Thus, enabling you to remain a 2020 leader with California’s cutting edge energy standards.

Services of MEP Consulting Engineers   

There are four broad categories where MEP consulting engineers  make the most impact on your energy costs while moving us towards being Carbon Zero.

  1. Initial design and material selection for Title 24 compliance.
  2. Project oversight and coordination of new construction for proper systems installation.
  3. Identifying and proposing energy efficient resolutions for existing buildings.
  4. Ongoing maintenance and upgrade requirements for existing systems.

Our commitment to energy-efficient and environmentally responsible systems is reflected in every project we work on and every service we offer as leading MEP consulting engineers .

Engaging and working with professional MEP consultants is an investment in the initial design and ongoing operations of your home and building systems to achieve lower operating costs along with more comfort for both owners and occupants.

New Construction 

New construction design is the right time for you to consider all possible cost savings that will continue throughout the building lifecycle. Designing for minimal material requirements combined with optimal equipment operation will always lower lifetime costs more than retrofitting and updating at a later time. Even modifying designs and materials after an initial design is faster and less expensive than modifying completed or in progress buildings.

During new design is the best opportunity to optimize building and equipment size and capability. Oversized systems are not the best answer because this adds capital costs, lifecycle operation costs, and maintenance costs. Optimally sized equipment and design always outperforms both over and undersized installations. Optimal designs and sizing is also the fastest and least expensive path to permit approvals that avoid construction delays. Getting it right the first time is your best answer.

Existing Buildings

New technology marches forward. With time, equipment that was best of class at original installation becomes obsolete. Even the performance of well-maintained equipment deteriorates with age. Whether renovations and upgrades are mandatory or voluntary, energy efficiency pays dividends both in lower costs and increased revenue.

Obtaining title 24 compliance during renovations is a challenge for any building owner. K2D Consulting Engineers have the answers to all of the questions you face. For further information or to schedule an appointment with one of our experts please contact K2D, a professional mechanical, plumbing, and electrical (MEP) firm in Los Angeles, at 310.935.3773 or visit to learn more.

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